We have a talker

It happened really suddenly. Until a few weeks ago, J had a huge number of words but mostly used them individually, with the occasional two or three word sentence. And then she said four words together, then five, and now, our child is never quiet. She tells us what is happening:

“Two people! Dogs, walking on road.” “Felix not happy. Felix under couch. Now Felix under table!” “Mommy not happy. Mommy sad. NO hitting.”

She tells us what she wants: “Want oat bar, YES PLEASE!” and “Shoes on, go outside, blow bubbles” and “NO TAKE BOOK AWAY, MOMMY, WANT BOOK, READ READ”. I’m fairly certain that she would like that to be in all-caps.

She tells us how she feels. When we got back in the car after visiting a conservation area with a farm, she announced: “Outside. Fun. Happy. Animals!” She’s also quick to tell us when she’s either “sad” or “not happy”, but these announcements are still often coupled with throwing things.

She knows the titles of 90% of her books. She’ll even recite parts of them. It blows my mind. Also, on the flip side: my mind misses the glimpses of quiet that I had until recently. The chatter is almost incessant, and while I mostly love it, I also love quiet. I was a quiet kid (and am a quiet adult). I have seen videos of my wife as a child, and she was a serious chatter box. So… there’s that. I’ll adapt, I suppose, get used to the unending chatter the same way I got used to the white noise machine we started using to help J’s sleep. When the power went out for a few hours last night, I could barely sleep without the crackly faux-water noises that have been the backdrop to our sleep for the past year and a half. Between the night noise and the day noise, I doubt a quiet house will ever feel the same to me. But it’s all worth it, because this kid has said “I love you, mommy. Big hugs!” about five times already today.



10 thoughts on “We have a talker

  1. Talking is the best and worst. Gus is an incessant talker. It’s hard for me because I talk a lot and it shares that space. It is hard for Lesley because she does not talk a lot and already had me and now it is never quiet. It’s exhausting but interesting. 🙂

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  2. For us, it’s more singing than chatter. She does talk quite a bit, but it hasn’t yet reached the running commentary stage. Singing, though. That’s non-stop. She’s like a bluetooth speaker playing 5 Pandora stations at once and the battery never runs low.

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      • The hardest part is when she sings bits of songs that I don’t know and she wants me to sing with her. There are songs she does with the nanny that I have never heard before. She kept saying “yummy yummy fruit salad” a few weeks ago and we were like, “What? You want some fruit salad?” and she’d say no, but she’d keep repeating fruit salad. Turns out it’s a song. She just only knew the fruit salad part. Who knew?


      • About twenty times a day, someone will shout two words at me and look expectantly and I have to run through like 7,000 possible songs they have heard to try and harmonize? Or come up with the next lyrics? The silence on my way to the grocery store is my only saving grace though I suppose I should use that time to actually brush up on my song database. :/


  3. AndiePants says:

    Ansel is also now constantly chatting. The only silence is when he’s sleeping or, sort of, when he’s eating. It’s wonderful and adorable and exhausting.

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    • Oh, I forgot to mention that she’s been talking in her sleep, too! But it stops when she eats, except for he constant “yum yum yum” and requests for more food.


  4. Love this post. The talking sounds so cute, and your subtle longing for a quiet house is relatable. Avery is just starting to make single syllables sound like mimicry, and I am so excited to get to the point you’re at. Kids are so amazing.

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  5. Oh, the talking. The Lady literally does not stop making noise from sun up to sun down. She’s even one of those “mm” eaters! It never stops! With that said, she does a lot of talking to herself or her siblings, so I can at least lock myself in a bathroom occasionally to escape it. 😉


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