10 Things on a Thursday

  1. So I didn’t get a chance to do an update after our dating ultrasound, but all was well and Beebo was measuring a couple days ahead (as was J, at the same gestation). We got to see some movement and the ultrasound was super clear compared to the one we had with J.IMG_3109
  2. We also went through with NIPT – the Pan.orama test. Because of Easter, our results took a little longer, but we got them last week. Beebo was given a ‘low risk’ result, which is great, and we also found out the sex. We’re having another girl! I was hoping to raise sisters (probably because of my own sister baggage and fantasy of what a sister relationship could mean) so I am pretty stoked.
  3. D is finally feeling less nauseated. It comes and goes now instead of being constant, and she’s much more interested in food. She’s working, but trying to take it easy a bit – she does freelance academic writing/editing and also landscaping, but at this time of year mostly landscaping, which she is finding hard on her body. Overall, she is feeling most pregnancy sensations are happening earlier and stronger than in her previous pregnancy. And she’s looking at least a month further along than she did last time.
  4. We still don’t have an OB which feels weird. Our GP will be making the referral soon and then we start seeing the OB at 18 weeks-ish. It all feels very casual this time around, which we are okay with. Our GP is great and the OB we are being referred to is also great. Never imagined we’d feel so comfortable not using a midwife, but it feels like the right choice given J’s birth and D’s family history of cephalopelvic disproportion and cesareans.
  5.  J is going through a super challenging phase (at least I hope it is a phase) where she is throwing things a lot and really testing limits, mostly by doing things that just aren’t safe, specifically to get attention. She seems to do this especially when D and I are talking to each other rather than including her. I’m finding myself getting quite frustrated with her, and the whole ‘distraction and redirection’ thing that worked so well when she was younger is just not working. Yesterday she hit me in the face twice with wooden toys. I’m trying to regroup and remind myself that, smart as she is, she doesn’t have a lot of impulse control and her feelings are BIG.
  6. This behavioural change, oddly, has coincided with a HUGE leap in language development. She is using some 4 and 5 word sentences (though often without prepositions or pronouns) which is really neat, and tells us when she is happy and ‘not happy’. Being pursued by a toddler swinging her arms and chanting ‘not happy’ makes me… not happy. But she also uses these verbal skills to chat about the “tiny baby a mama belly” which slays me.
  7. She also knows all of her colours, which happened really fast and without much guidance on our part. She is constantly telling us what colour things are, with a fairly high level of accuracy. She seems to think that some browns are purple, though..?
  8. We’ve been spending lots of time outdoors now that it is warmer, and J loves being outside so much. She was over-harvesting the flowers from our gardens, and so D told her that the bees need them to make honey. Now, she’ll walk up to a flower, reach out, and then stop, and say to herself “flower. bees. honey.” It’s adorable.
  9. We did an Easter egg hunt and it was the first holiday J really participated in. It was such fun. We hid dairy-free treats and schleich animals in plastic eggs in the garden and she loved unearthing them and cracking them open.
  10. After a rough bout of teething and illness, we are bedsharing more and more. Do any of you co-sleep with two kids? HOW?IMG_3319

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